Kyrathasoft Text To Speech

Kyrathasoft Text To Speech is a small stand-alone executable capable of rendering your text files into .WAV audio files in your PC's default Microsoft SAPI voice. It is donationware, meaning that it is completely free and without any features crippled. Nor is there any evaluation period. The program is, and always will be, free and fully functional.


Simply extract the stand-alone executable to the desired directory. There are no dependency files, no registry entries created. It is entirely portable.

It is recommended that you download the non-compressed version, as the compressed can cause false positives with some antivirus products:

Download non-UPX-compressed version (333 Kb download, 626 Kb extracted)

However, should you wish the compressed version, here it is:

Download UPX-compressed version (281 Kb download, 286 Kb extracted)